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If you want to see how a current recycling centre works visit our interactive tour!

If you want to see how a FCH technology can be recycled in this facilities, see our video!

Workshop 2: Dissemination Workshop (20th March 2018, Madrid)

The main objective in this workshop is share with the attendants the new developments of the project. New technologies and their explanation and advances in the LCAs of the project will be shown to the attendants.  Moreover, this workshop will set the basis for the development of the new business model, looking for an active feedback of all the parts involved in the End of Life of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies. We are looking forward to see you!


Workshop 1: FCH Technologies End-of-Life (26th of September 2017,Brussels)

The aim of this workshop was to inform participants of the HyTechCycling projects findings up to the date of celebration of the workshop and to present the first results of questionnaires that were spread among FCH lifetime actors. Ideas and inputs were collected from the audience (manufacturers, recycling centers, end-users and distributors) with a view to develop coherent business models.


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