The main goal of HYTECHCYCLING is to deliver reference documentation and studies about existing and new recycling and dismantling technologies and strategies applied to Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH) technologies, paving the way for future demonstration actions and advances in legislation.

In order to achieve the main goal, the project must meet the following objectives:

  1. Identification of critical materials and components in hydrogen technology products.
  2. Mapping of existing and new recycling technologies applicable to these materials and components, taking into account the experiences of the different Member States in selecting the most appropriate strategies.
  3. Analysis of the challenges to be addressed, bearing in mind the limitation of the current situation in terms of recycling and dismantling hydrogen technology products.
  4. Development of new strategies and a roadmap for the implementation of recycling and dismantling of the critical materials and components of hydrogen technology products.
  5. Quantification of the impact of introducing these new strategies and technologies, through lifecycle analysis of a wide range of hydrogen technology products with applications in the fields of energy and transport.
  6. Evaluation of the needs of the different existing actors in terms of implementing these new strategies and technologies. Re-adaptation of existing recycling centres, and the organisation of demonstration events and exhibitions at a recycling centre.
  7. Ordering, aligning and standardising the new strategies and technologies by means of guidelines and recommendations for their introduction for all actors involved in the service life of hydrogen technology products.
  8. Creation of a business model to facilitate widespread implementation.